About Scanship

We design, engineer, and produce solutions for waste management and wastewater purification to markets worldwide. Our systems meet the highest environmental standards. Our core market is the cruise industry where we deliver our systems to the yards for their newbuild constructions and to ship-owners for their fleet upgrades. In recent years, we have entered landbased applications and the aquaculture industry.

Scanship is a cruise industry leader in advanced wastewater purification, and every second cruise ship delivered to the market in the period between 2014 and 2020 is equipped with Scanship AWP. Scanship AWP has been and will be installed on 42 of total 75 newbuilds during this 7-year period.

The depth and breadth of our expertise, innovation, and reliable support as the premier environmental solutions provider for floating cities of the cruise industry makes our solutions also a clear and obvious choice for other markets.

Contact us to find out what innovative and cost effective solutions we can bring to your environmental challenges.

Scanship is headquartered in Norway with subsidiary offices in USA and Poland. Our service technicians and process engineers are available worldwide.


We shall deliver solutions for cleaner oceans


We shall maximize environmental sustainability impact


We shall be passionate, honest, responsible, and trustworthy in our conduct