Corporate executives

Henrik Badin

Chief Executive Officer CEO of Vow ASA
Tel: +47 907 89 825

After joining Scanship in 2001 and serving various management positions in Scanship Environmental, Mr. Badin was appointed CEO of Scanship in 2008.  Mr. Badin has 20 years of experience related to environmental engineering onshore and in the maritime industries. He holds a Master of Science degree in Civil engineering from NTH (NTNU).

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Jonny Hansen

Chief Operating Officer COO
Tel: +47 901 89 181

Mr. Hansen joined Scanship in 2006 and became COO in 2007 until the end of 2012. Coming out of employment as COO in Vissim and VP Supply Chain in OceanSaver, he rejoined Scanship in 2017 as responsible for strategic initiatives. In April 2018 he returned to the COO position. Mr. Hansen holds a mini MBA DIP from Probana Business School adding to his management experience in addition to his Automation Engineering education from technical college.

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Erik Magelssen

Chief Financial Officer CFO of Vow ASA
Tel: +47 928 88 728

Before joining Scanship in January 2017, Mr. Magelssen has more than 15 years of experience as CFO in companies like VIA Travel Group ASA and Kongsberg Automotive ASA. He has also held the position of Group Finance Manager in Wilh. Wilhelmsen ASA. Mr. Magelssen has a BA degree from Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, and has attended the Norwegian School of Economics, NHH (CPA, “Statsautorisert revisor”) and the Executive education program at Harvard Business School.

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Asgeir Wien

Chief Development Officer CDO
Tel: +47 924 93 515

Mr. Wien has held technical and R&D positions with Scanship since 2002. He has more than 25 years’ experience within advanced tertiary waste water treatment, potable water production, bio-residue treatment, garbage handling and R&D studies. Mr. Wien holds a Master of Science degree in Civil engineering from NTH (NTNU) and an engineering degree in Aquaculture.

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Henning Mohn

Chief Technical Officer CTO
Tel: +47 415 72 007

Before being appointed as CTO in Scanship in 2016, Mr. Mohn held other manager roles in Scanship and positions with DNVGL, NIVA Norwegian Institute for Water Research and Eurofins laboratory. He has 22 years of experience related to environmental engineering (land/sea) and from the international maritime industry. Mr. Mohn holds a Master of Science degree in Civil engineering from NTH (NTNU) and a Master of Science degree from the University of Washington in Environmental engineering.

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Bjørn Abraham Bache

Chief Commercial Officer CCO
Tel: +47 908 90 507

Mr. Bache joined Scanship February 2018. He has more than twenty-five years of experience from international business, serving in leading positions in companies like Unitor/Wilhelmsen, Mettler-Toledo, Jotun and Elkem. He is an experienced Leader building cross border relations and multinational teams. During his career, he has lived 13 years outside Norway.  Mr. Bache holds a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Glasgow University.

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