Landbased Systems

Scanship systems can be used in a variety of industrial applications for waste processing and water purification. These industries have either a requirement for discharge from productions, or simply would need to refine products through Scanship processes with separation, dewatering or drying.

The Scanship systems can also be used on several municipality applications such as wastewater treatment plants and on garbage handling facilities. The Scanship wastewater technology is installed in many municipalities in the Nordic region to remove nutrient and organic matter.

Scanship has in the past delivered two larger waste management systems on the Jamaican airports Norman Manley in Kingston and Sangster in Montego Bay. These waste management systems include garbage recycling equipment and waste incinerators, processing all waste form arriving airplanes and terminals.

A cruise ship carrying 5000 people represents a landbased municipality with a population of 30 000. The unique Scanship competence of integrating waste and water processing technologies on more than 100 cruise ships in recent years makes us an attractive solution provider also onshore.