Custom Water Treatment Systems

Clean water is a precious and valuable resource, and turning yesterday’s waste water into tomorrow’s asset is Scanship’s forte. Scanship’s success in providing and servicing water treatment systems that meet or exceed the most rigid standards and regulations for the cruise line industry, in the most sensitive environments, are deeply rooted in broad expertise and experience treating wastewater.

Scanship can adapt its technologies to meet the customer’s specific water treatment needs to meet MARPOL Annex I oily water, MARPOL Annex V cargo wash water, and similar national and port state requirements. A Custom Scanship Water Treatment System may help you to avoid or reduce port offload fees, to avoid sea discharge route diversions and associated fuel and emission costs, recover usable material, and help your bottom line with payback and ROI.

Examples of Scanship custom solutions are Scanship SWT (Slop Water Treatment) and Scanship CWW (Cargo Wash Water)