Scrubber Wash Water

The Scanship scrubber water treatment system is designed to purify wash water from marine scrubbers in hybrid and closed loop operating modes. The system will operate in accordance with MEPC.258(68) (2015) and US EPA VGP sec 2.2.26 (2013).

The wash water treatment system collects inlet water from the scrubber wash water collection tank. The purification process is based on chemical precipitation where dissolved solids and suspended particulates are aggregated into particulates through a coagulation process assisted by a flocculant and coagulant. The particulates are thereafter separated in a dissolved air flotation process. As a secondary process, the water is filtrated by a rotating non-pressurized drum filter specially designed to remove the finest particles, if any.

Treated effluent will be analyzed for pH, PAH, and turbidity in accordance with descriptions given in MEPC 68/21/Add 1 Sections 7 and 10.2 prior to being pumped to clean holding tank, directly overboard, alternatively recycled to the scrubber, all in accordance with requirements.

Wash water residues from the purification process is dewatered which increases the solids content from approx. 4% to approx. 20% minimizing its volume to be landed to a proper shore-based reception facility.