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Scanship and Jets cooperate with integrated systems for cruise ships

June 3rd, 2015

Joint press release from Scanship AS and Jets Vacuum AS at NorShipping 2015:

Scanship and Jets cooperate with integrated systems for cruise ships

Two of the world’s leading companies in maritime waste management have signed an agreement to join forces, in an effort to better serve cruise ship operators and yards globally. Scanship’s well-known Total Clean Ship System, which incorporates its Advanced Wastewater Purification and Waste Management solutions, will now be accompanied by Jets Vacuum’s highly acclaimed vacuum toilet system. The result is a fully integrated waste and wastewater handling package that combines the very best technologies available from the two Norwegian companies.

The missing piece Scanship CEO Henrik Badin and Jets Vacuum CEO Jan Tore Leikanger agree that this deal is, in a sense, like finding the missing piece of the puzzle. Scanship has never ventured into the world of marine toilet systems, instead building its business around technologically advanced treatment and processing of waste. Jets Vacuum on the other hand, has never aimed to supply treatment systems to cruise ships, focusing solely on the supply of vacuum toilet systems for such large vessels.

“Jets Vacuum does supply sewage treatment plants to smaller ships, but those units are nowhere near the size required by the cruise industry. So as we set our sights on penetrating more of the cruise ship market with our best-in-class vacuum toilet technology, we needed a partner with sophisticated treatment solutions. Scanship quickly emerged as the most promising candidate, and we are obviously very pleased that we were able to sign this agreement with them. Our customers will most certainly benefit from this deal”, says Jets CEO Jan Tore Leikanger.

“At Scanship we continually seek improvement, and I believe this is the reason why we are by far the market leader in advanced treatment systems today. But improvement is not limited to just carrying out R&D work and coming up with new or better solutions. Improvement can also mean taking on a partner, when you find one that completes your offering, and provides benefits for both shipbuilders and owners. By including vacuum toilet systems in our scope of supply, we are doing just that” concurs Scanship CEO Henrik Badin.

Tailored systems One major advantage of the agreement is that Scanship’s treatment systems and Jets Vacuum’s toilet systems are both flexible and offer great scalability, allowing for a high degree of customization. The ability to truly tailor the toilet system and the waste treatment system to individual vessels, is expected to be a tremendous advantage for the pair, especially when taking into account the compact size and proven reliability of both companies’ technologies.

As Scanship and Jets Vacuum are both actively pursuing ever more compact and energy-efficient solutions, their systems will likely continue to be the most cost-effective ones available, in terms of easy installation, even higher operational reliability than before, and lower emissions that meet or exceed the most stringent of international standards.

A better choice than ever The agreement between Scanship and Jets will have a positive impact on the cruise industry, according to the two CEOs: “Our individual products have gained global recognition in just a few decades, with both of our companies offering tried and tested technology of very high quality. We believe that by combining the knowledge and experience of two industry leaders, Scanship and Jets can take this several steps further. As a fully integrated solution, our products can be optimized to work together in the best possible way. Add to that a highly qualified, single point of contact for operators and yards, and we are confident that we are now a better choice than ever for each and every one of the cruise lines out there” say Badin and Leikanger in a joint statement.

The agreement, which is already in effect, does not feature an end date, implying that Scanship and Jets Vacuum both expect it to be beneficial to them and their customers for many years to come.

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