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Scanship enters industry decarbonizing contract with unique ETIA pyrolysis technology

November 25th, 2019

Scanship Holding ASA through its subsidiary ETIA SAS, has been awarded an equipment delivery contract by a major international corporation of consumer goods, who operates multiple production facilities worldwide. The contract is to deliver and install first ETIA Biogreen system in one of their more than 40 production facilities worldwide. The customer is targeting to increase its share of renewable energy used for the activities and the current point of interest for the company is in the substitution of natural gas used on site. As a solution for the challenge, the ETIA customer will use its available waste streams in Biogreen thermochemical conversion system delivered by ETIA, to generate biochar and syngas for generating steam, therefore decreasing the natural gas usage on site. The installation will be done during the fall of 2020.

The accumulated order backlog for the Scanship Group, including the order backlog for ETIA, is now at a NOK 770 mill level.

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