Scanship bags new “circular” contract in Aquaculture market

Scanship AS, has been awarded a contract with SalMar Settefisk AS at their Follafoss smolt facility. The contract is for the delivery of a Scanship sludge treatment system to separate out biosolids to be used for energy production in a nearby Biogas plant. After the upgrade of the Follafoss facility, SalMar Settefisk AS will be able to increase their smolt production to 20 million a year.

“We are very pleased to be a part of the new sustainable wave in the Aquaculture industry transforming residual waste from fish production into valuable fertilizer products and energy production”; says CEO Henrik Badin.

This just goes to show that investing in environmental technology helps the industry reach their growth targets in a sustainable way, and at the same time creating future revenue opportunities in circular economy concepts”; Badin adds in a closing comment.