Scanship had revenues of NOK 181.3 million (146.5) in the first half 2019, an increase of 24 %, and EBITDA of NOK 22.6 million (16.3), a growth of 39 %. During the period, Scanship has been awarded breakthrough contracts for its ‘Waste to Energy’ technology as well as additional contracts within its core cruise industry segment. The order backlog at the end of the second quarter was NOK 700 million (513).

“It was another six months of continued strong growth in revenues and operating profits, driven by increased demand from customers for environmental solutions. Once again, our order backlog rose to record levels as we have signed several new milestone contracts. Scanship is looking forward to helping companies improve their environmental footprint and we have a series of initiatives for further growth”, says Henrik Badin, CEO of Scanship.

The company will present the results at hrs. 12.00 noon today at Hotel Continental.
Location: Hotel Continental, Stortingsgata 24, Oslo