Scanship provides advanced technologies for processing waste and purifying water for cruise ships, aquaculture and land-based industries. Scanship's systems convert all waste and wastewater into clean energy and purified water which meets the highest international discharge standards. Any residuals from the Scanship processes can be recovered, recycled or reused. The Scanship total clean ship system is highly efficient with seamless interface, reduced footprint, and low cost of operation. The solutions preserve and protects water and air resources. All Scanship systems are type approved to comply with the IMO-MARPOL pollution regulations. Scanship were one of the first companies in the world to obtain an Alaska-approved advanced wastewater system in 2003 and first to obtain approval for the new IMO MARPOL 227(64) special area Baltic Sea in 2013. Scanship has for several years been the market leader in the cruise industry.

Advanced Wastewater AWP

The international focus on discharging wastewater in coastal waters is increasing. New standards for discharge and various regulations are driving the maritime industries to process all wastewater onboard. Scanship offers a complete system for wastewater treatment.

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Onboard a modern cruise ship a substantial amount of foodwaste is collected from galleys, pantries and preparation. To align with future requirements, the cruise industry chooses to process foodwaste onboard. Scanship has developed an efficient vacuum system for collecting, transporting and further processing of foodwaste.

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Bio-sludge treatment

In the Bio-sludge Treatment System all sludge from wastewater and foodwaste is processed. The system is tailor made to secure the interface between liquid and solid sludge before final incineration. The main target for the bio-sludge treatment system is to reduce volume by dewatering, drying and to disinfect.

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Waste to energy MAP

Scanship has invested considerable time and resources in making the dream a reality for ships and other autonomous sites like ports, airports and offshore platforms. Our Microwave Assisted Pyrolysis (MAP) system converts dry waste and dried food waste/ biowaste into a gaseous fuel (syngas) and biochar.

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Garbage handling

Scanship incinerators are designed in a multi-chamber configuration, semi-pyrolytic, having low flue gas emissions within IMO MARPOL regulations. The automatic feeding technology is developed to secure a homogenous combustion and low dust emission.

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Waste recycling

Scanship's Recycling System prevents the accumulation of recyclable solid waste during a ship voyage from overwhelming the precious storage spaces and work spaces, and becoming a health and safety hazard.

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Water reuse

The availability of a plentiful, safe, clean water supply for use aboard ships has long been taken for granted. That situation is rapidly changing. Prompted by an inquiry from a customer, Scanship developed the Water Re-use Unit, WRU.

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Landbased systems

Scanship systems can be used in a variety of industrial applications for waste processing and water purification. These industries have either a requirement for discharge from productions, or simply would need to refine products through Scanship processes with separation, dewatering or drying. Landbased systems are handled by our sister company ETIA.

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The intensive production of Nordic Salmon and other sea food has increased the need for water purification and residue treatment. The Scanship process consists of dewatering and drying of the aquaculture sludge.

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Scanship provides solutions that purify wastewater and convert waste into valuable resources and generate clean energy for customers in cruise, aquaculture and a wide range of land-based industries and for utilities.

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