Garbage handling

Scanship incinerators

Scanship incinerators are designed in a multi-chamber configuration, semi-pyrolytic, having low flue gas emissions within IMO MARPOL regulations. The automatic feeding technology is developed to secure a homogenous combustion and low dust emission. The solution is also optimal for burning sludge from foodwaste and wastewater. It can be equipped with a fully integrated Sludge Oil Burning System. The combustion in the primary chamber is pyrolytic, burning with a limited supply of oxygen. The chamber has two zones for degassing and one ash-annealing zone. The primary chambers have an automatic continuous ash removal system. The ash is removed through a chute below the incinerator into a container or transported with cooling screw to a bagging device. The complete breakdown of gases and residual components takes place in the secondary combustion chamber performed by an advanced two-stage purging combustion process. The chamber is constructed with inside walls to maximize the retention time of the flue gas before cooling and discharge to funnel.

Scanship provides solutions that purify wastewater and convert waste into valuable resources and generate clean energy for customers in cruise, aquaculture and a wide range of land-based industries and for utilities.

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