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Question: What is a world-wide sustainable environmental standard, practiced and profitable at every level of society from individuals to the biggest companies and governments? What is a practice that has spawned countless companies and industries in recent years, that continues to grow, and that is depended on for raw materials? Answer: Efficient solid waste recycling. Question: How do you prevent the accumulation of recyclable solid waste during a ship voyage from overwhelming the precious storage spaces and work spaces, and becoming a health and safety hazard? Answer: Scanship Recycling Systems. Question: How do you keep crew solid recyclable waste handling work hours to a minimum, promote regulatory compliance, maximize port recyclable offload efficiency, and present on-spec recycled materials to port vendors for payment? Answer: Scanship Recycling Systems Scanship Recycling Systems provide the basic tools that are at the heart of any efficient and cost effective solid waste recycling program. Whether it is separating waste streams, crushing glass, shredding various materials, compacting, baling, or palletizing, Scanship has scalable solutions for any ship. Scanship can help you turn an environmental liability into a sustainable, sellable commodity.

Scanship provides solutions that purify wastewater and convert waste into valuable resources and generate clean energy for customers in cruise, aquaculture and a wide range of land-based industries and for utilities.

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