Water reuse

Water reuse unit

The availability of a plentiful, safe, clean water supply for use aboard ships has long been taken for granted. It could be bunkered in port or produced with waste heat, cheap fuel, and air conditioning condensation aboard the ship. That situation is rapidly changing. Growing populations, more and bigger ships, changing environmental and natural resource conditions, rising fuel prices, environmental footprint concerns, and greater awareness of water borne pathogens are all putting pressure on ship and port water supplies, world-wide. Prompted by an inquiry from a customer, and leveraged by the exceptional quality of it’s AWP effluent and it’s experience and expertise with water treatment systems, Scanship developed the Water Re-use Unit, WRU. The basic WRU polishes clean AWP effluent to near-drinking water purity, allowing the water to be recycled and used safely and confidently for wash down, laundry, sanitary flushing, machinery “technical” water, fuel water emulsions, plant irrigation, and other non-potable and non-recreational water uses aboard ship. The use of WRU water for non-potables applications relieves availability and quality pressure on ship and port-of-call potable water supplies and provides a monetary cost avoidance payback as well. Additionally, the WRU can be used to polish and prolong the use of recreational waters, keeping the water “fresh” for longer periods and reducing the need for costly dumping, replacement, and heavy chemical dosages to maintain safety. It can also be used to clean and disinfect HVAC condensate, reducing the need for detrimental heavy chlorination to maintain safety. The WRU meets World Health Organization (WHO) and USPHS Vessel Sanitation Program (VSP) safety standards for non-potable ship water supplies, and NSFI/ANSI standards for safe water re-use systems. Ongoing, 3rd party testing and certification to stringent water re-use safety standards are available world-wide. The basic WRU has a 10t/h capacity, but is scalable to fit the customer’s specific needs.

Scanship provides solutions that purify wastewater and convert waste into valuable resources and generate clean energy for customers in cruise, aquaculture and a wide range of land-based industries and for utilities.

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