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Scanship delivers world leading solutions for cleaner oceans. Scanship provides advanced technologies for processing waste and purifying wastewater. Owners operating Scanship systems have the solution to convert all waste and wastewater into clean energy and purified water which meets the highest international discharge standards. Any residuals form the Scanship processes can be recovered, recycled or reused.

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Scanship info film

Together with shipowners and shipyards in the Cruise Industry we have taken the position of the Lighthouse. By showing our true colors, those of environmental consciousness and responsibility, we help others navigate to solutions that will protect our oceans.

Scanship promo film

The Scanship film from 2015 introducing the company's solution offering to the cruise industry safeguarding environmentally sustainable seafaring.

Working with Virgin Voyages for Cleaner Oceans

Virgin Voyages has made a film about Cleaner Oceans.  They have enlisted Scanship and Climeon to create energy from waste and water.

Scanship MAP

Scanship was nominated for "this year's handshake" in 2018 by Storebrand for its new technology converting waste to energy with carbon capture and end-of-waste solution.

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