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Scanship participates in tender for development license for sea based fish farming

November 23rd, 2017

Together with Skretting, Seafarming Systems, Nutreco, IVAR and Høst, Scanship participates in a license tender for development of a new concept for sea based fish farming.

In addition to aquaculture, sea farming is a potential mega market for Scanship. Scanship technology handles and treats sludge, a procedure which helps facilitate sustainable sea based fish farming.

Scanship participates in the application for the new concept “Aquantum Leap” together with Seafarming Systems, Nutreco, Skretting, IVAR and Høst. “Aquantum Leap” is a closed fish farming facility which aims to increase Norwegian salmon production.

The Norwegian fish farming production is expected to double by 2030, and by 2050 reach a level five times as large as today’s level of 1.2 million tonnes. A closed facility has certain advantages, amongst them that the fish is protected against lice and other bacteria. 100 versions of the largest facility of “Aquantum Leap” will amount to the entire quantity of the Norwegian fish farming production as of today.

Sludge from the “Aquantum Leap” facilities will be treated with Scanship technology which dries, disinfects and inactivates fish bacteria. The sludge is converted to a new resource as raw material for organic fertilizer. Scanship already has experience with this kind of sludge treatment from the Marine Harvest smolt facility in Steinsvik, Norway.

Picture credit: Seafarming Systems /VisCo

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