Service & operational assistance

Scanship offers service and operational assistance onboard through our service department with experienced engineers and senior personnel. We are following up over 100 ships operating with Scanship systems onboard. Our services cover the complete life-cycle of the system. The Aftersales and Service department is handled through Scanship Americas Inc. in Fort Lauderdale, US.

Tailor-made Service and Maintenance programs

By keeping close relations with Scanship support, the ships will be ensured increased reliability and efficiency of the Scanship systems, ensured measures to meet today’s stringent performance standards, and reduced total operating costs. We offer tailor-made Service and Maintenance programs where we frequently combine onboard services with certified operator training and spare part policies. To enable operators to concentrate on their core activities, and have the assurance their complex vessels continue to be maintained as designed, but with predictable costs. Scanship also offers an online logging and process analyzing system to be uploaded via an Ethernet connection. When the ship network supports broadband internet, logging data, real-time parameters and real-time screen pictures can be accessed and monitored from all over the world via the internet.


We offer tailor-made Service and Maintenance programs where we frequently combine onboard services with certified Operator Training and Spare Part policies. Regular onboard training is beneficial, both to raise the general level of understanding and to gain specific knowledge to take full advantage of the advanced features found in our systems. This can reduce systems’ down time significantly.


We offer chemicals to ensure optimal process performance and cost efficient operations of advanced wastewater purification systems and systems for bio-residue treatment. For years, we have been developing the product lines and our logistical services, offering direct delivery to vessels sailing world-wide. Our team continues to support our clients with courtesy visits for optimization and evaluation of current consumptions, a service well recognized by our clients. Today, Scanship provides chemicals to most of the Scanship systems in the cruise industry.


Each delivery comes with comprehensive documentation which typically includes safety procedures, installation, system descriptions, alarm lists, operation, screen descriptions, maintenance, lubrication, trouble shooting, parts and recommended parts, system drawings, electrical diagrams and unit instructions.

Spare parts

All new Scanship installations come with an extensive list of recommended spare parts and critical spares. We aim at being an efficient supplier of spares and consumables both to new and existing installations. Spares are being offered through our Head Office providing competitive prices and delivery options.

Scanship provides solutions that purify wastewater and convert waste into valuable resources and generate clean energy for customers in cruise, aquaculture and a wide range of land-based industries and for utilities.

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